A groundbreaking discovery and a gripping adventure await you in Fantasy in Florida.

Private Investigator That Branson, an ex-naval officer and pilot, is embroiled in an adventure involving a wonder drug that could irrevocably change the fate of humanity.

Kenneth Taragano, a research scientist at a bio-tech company in Palm Beach, Florida, has found the magic bullet that could cure any form of ailment including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and diabetes. When his company refuses to believe in his discovery, Kenneth decides to sell his work to another corporation in Brazil. A fiery conflict for the control of the formula erupts between groups and with it a promise of wealth beyond any man’s wildest dreams.

Pulsating with action and intrigue, this page-turner will take you into the colorful world of Key West during the famous FantasyFest where guile, festive shenanigans, bizarre costumes and wild parties are commonplace.